Golden State’s Chances of Winning the 2016-17 NBA Championship

Golden State Warriors were one of the big teams that put up a spirited fight last season. They managed to gather more points from their big opponents even those teams which have had a good history of performing. The 2016-2017 NBA season is fast approaching, and all teams are getting ready for the tipoff. New signings have been done by all teams to add strength and new tactics to their game plan. Golden State Warriors are a favorable contender yet again. Last season, they were very powerful and tactically disciplined. From the offseason ratings and the records of the previous season, there is a high projection that they are going to do even better in this new campaign. The Warriors are ranked top of the Western Conference with a projected 66.8 wins in all their games.

I have been following the games over the last season. The Warriors had one of the best game plans in the past season. With outstanding performances from Steph Curry and Thompson, they were able to take on all their opponents and score very high points. If they are going to retain the form, they showed last season, they are going to be champions this time round. An additional signing, Kevin Durant is a known superstar in the NBA. He brings more skills and physicality to an already complete side. The team is defiantly ready to take all points against their furious opponents.

Despite a slip of form in the recent times, Durant is still a natural talent that any side would want to be on the squad. In his last match during the 2016 Olympics, he proved once again that he is talented and ready to claim the top stop just like Curry and LeBron James. His inclusion in the team helped the team earn an all-time best record of 73-9. With the Warriors putting on a consistent performance over the last two seasons of over 67 wins, they are going to be on a higher end of claiming the title.

The schedule for NBA finals is already out with just less than a month to kick off. Three great teams have been featured in the selection. The Cavs who are the reigning champs visits the Jazz. The Warriors are going against the Spurs who will also be the host for this tournament. Going with the recent statistics, the Warriors have been a bit dominant over the Spurs. Despite being the favorites to win, their odds have dropped. A few weeks ago, the Warriors had their odds standing at -1. Currently, the odds are at -5. The changes in the squad and recovery of Kevin Durant could have a hand in the change of odds. For someone who is planning to bet on this team, it is important you do a detailed analysis of the upcoming games. The odds will keep changing till the last day.

Odd makers have released several predictions and their carrying odds. The numbers are enticing, and one can make a huge amount if you place a good stake amount. The updates keep coming after a short time because many factors affect these numbers. Updates will keep coming throughout the year, and you can keep following. The Cavs, Warriors, and Spurs carry some good numbers. If you are willing to take a huge risk, you can choose among them and place the stake.

There are few weeks left for teams to prepare and sharpen their techniques. Kevin Durant is expected to fit into the game plan of the Warriors and play alongside Klay Thompson and Steph Curry. They will form a strong force that will be unstoppable by many opponents. It is going to be an interesting season.